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Review: STICKit

We love to review practical, innovative and useful items. STICKit is right up our street. I would like to state that for the record, contrary to what the Up All Hours Instagram account may say, I don’t actually like taking selfies!

However, in the interest of identifying with other parents, documenting our Up All Hours journey and not being a ‘faceless’ brand, I do post them occasionally. :) Normally they are taken at arms length, meaning I am often uncomfortably close to the camera, with double chins firmly in place. The thought of a selfie stick terrifies me, the connotations which surround them make me feel like a tourist in my own city and drawing attention to myself is something I am not a huge fan of.

So step in the Tactus ‘STICKit’  iphone case.


This my friends, in my humble opinion, is simply genius.

Not only is it discreet and practical but it is also a hard wearing iphone case. To take a picture you whip the plastic case off the back and slap the phone onto the surface of your choice. It is that simple. It sticks to most things and we have tried out many. Barney (the four year old) even attempted to stick it on a dog the other day, which it did stick to, but neither the case or dog were particularly thrilled about it.

AGA Wood Foreheads!

To reinvigorate its ‘stickiness’ you simple wash it with soap and water. Obviously take it off the phone first. I’ve washed it a number of times and it is still going strong.

It is also a talking point, I’ve lost count of the amount of people who have enquired as to what it is.

With Up All Hours the website, we take parent/children facilities to festivals and events. The STICKit was ideal to document our activities whilst ‘on the road’ at Jimmy’s Farm Sausage & Beer Festival, Chris Evans’ Carfest North & South and Jamies Olivers’ Big Feastival. Here are a couple of photos taken using the STICKit.

Jimmys Empty Tent Carfest North Set Up UAH Tent North Jimmys Farm

If you like taking selfies, groups shots, ariel shots or photos in general on your iPhone……buy one. It’s worth every penny. STICKit can be purchased from the Tactus website here for £16.99.

Disclaimer: We were sent STICKit for the purpose of this review. All reviews are honest, our own thoughts and opinions. If we don’t like something, we will let you know! :) 


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