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The flies of summer

I love summer but I do not love the over zealous insects that accompany it. Flies I believe that I speak for most when I say that opening the back door to the garden is […]

I don’t want to get old

I look at young men on the train (how’s that for an opening line to a post!), and by young I mean late 20′s, and can see my son as one of those men. That, […]

Toddler wake up calls

I sit writing this whilst nursing a strong black coffee (5.50am start!) chuckling to myself at the way the toddler woke me up at 6am yesterday morning. Incorporated into my dream was the sound of […]

Jun, 19

Last Minute Fathers Day Idea

We have left it late to come up with a Fathers Day gift for Daddy A, and by late I mean it’s 8am on Fathers Day, and there is not a present in the house. […]

Jun, 15

Lego partner with National Geographic

Daddy A here! So, I was in town (London) the week before last working when Sam rang me and said that she had to collect B from nursery early. She said “Everything’s fine I just […]

Jun, 11

A birthday deception!

This is a confessional post of sorts. I guess what I am hoping is that I will be inundated with comments saying ‘it’s ok’, ‘he won’t know’ and  ’don’t be silly, you aren’t awful parents’. […]

Jun, 05

A toddlers toy of the moment

Let’s talk about how quickly toddlers ‘go off’ or ‘lose interest’ in toys. It is fascinating. One minute we can’t go ANYWHERE without the soft toy penguin, the next a really hard plastic dinosaur is […]

May, 29
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