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A ‘holiday’ with a toddler

Ha! There is so much irony in that title. A ‘holiday’ with a toddler. Who are we trying to kid. There is no such thing. Well, unless your holidays prior to children involved going to […]

What would you say to your younger self?

‘What would you say to your younger self?’ is a rather poignant question, and one that when it was posed to me recently, made me think long and hard. Perhaps I would say study harder […]

Sep, 27 · in Everyday Parent

Lazy Beach Days (with a sand hater)

Lazy beach days, it sounds so romantic. I guess it is, if you like the beach. I have a serious dislike for sand. Hate the stuff. Gets everywhere. I am a sand hater. However, this […]

Sep, 17

The ‘Watch This’ Phase

Have you been through this phase with your toddlers? You know the phases where you get ‘Mumma watch this’ to turn round to see your child jump on he spot, pull a funny face or […]

Sep, 11

Review: Goldieblox – The Dunk Tank

Out of the total number of engineers worldwide, only 14% are women. That is a fact. A fact that doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to me as a woman. Women are, in my […]

Sep, 07

A Wedding in Denmark & A New Dress

We have just returned from a wedding in Denmark. Child free I might add. ‘Again’ I hear you shout! Yes, that’s right. To be honest, even I am starting to feel that we are absent […]

Aug, 19

The first trip to the dentist

After writing a piece for Up All Hours.com about the rise in tooth decay in children. We panicked. I will be completely honest, B is 3, and has never been to the dentist. There I […]

Aug, 11
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