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A Wedding in Denmark & A New Dress

We have just returned from a wedding in Denmark. Child free I might add. ‘Again’ I hear you shout! Yes, that’s right. To be honest, even I am starting to feel that we are absent […]

The first trip to the dentist

After writing a piece for Up All Hours.com about the rise in tooth decay in children. We panicked. I will be completely honest, B is 3, and has never been to the dentist. There I […]

What B thought of Vita Coco Kids

Coconut water. You either love it or hate it right? Personally, I love it. However, I wasn’t so sure on what B’s response would be when I handed him a flavoured coconut water from Vita […]

Aug, 08

Toddler Traits

We are loving this stage in B’s life. He is 3 years old and we are blessed that he is thriving in his toddler years. A chatty, inquisitive and bright little boy who entertains us […]

Aug, 07

The flies of summer

I love summer but I do not love the over zealous insects that accompany it. Flies I believe that I speak for most when I say that opening the back door to the garden is […]

Jul, 18

I don’t want to get old

I look at young men on the train (how’s that for an opening line to a post!), and by young I mean late 20′s, and can see my son as one of those men. That, […]

Jun, 30

Toddler wake up calls

I sit writing this whilst nursing a strong black coffee (5.50am start!) chuckling to myself at the way the toddler woke me up at 6am yesterday morning. Incorporated into my dream was the sound of […]

Jun, 19
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