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On the road to recovery

With the operation over, the night in hospital done and the road to recovery underway, I am feeling much better about the whole situation. Thanks so much for all the well wishes, they were greatly […]

Sleep Apnoea & General Anaesthetic

Our 3 year old is soon to go under a General Anaesthetic to have this tonsils and adenoids removed. Baby B has suffered from Sleep Apnoea since he was 6 months old. It felt like […]

My Superhero Friends

I opened my handbag yesterday to be greeted by a number of superhero figurines. I smiled to myself as I reached past them for my ipad, which I needed to brief the team of people […]

Oct, 15

Winter Fashion Staples

It has been a little while since I have indulged myself with any purchases, so my most recent ‘spree’ was extra special. Not to mention completely required, everyone needs some new winter fashion staples as […]

Oct, 07

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo this week is one moody little face. Apparently he isn’t ‘very happy’ with me. He wanted to stay in and play with his toys and I wanted to go out. We have […]

Oct, 05

A ‘holiday’ with a toddler

Ha! There is so much irony in that title. A ‘holiday’ with a toddler. Who are we trying to kid. There is no such thing. Well, unless your holidays prior to children involved going to […]

Oct, 01

What would you say to your younger self?

‘What would you say to your younger self?’ is a rather poignant question, and one that when it was posed to me recently, made me think long and hard. Perhaps I would say study harder […]

Sep, 27
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