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Review: Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7

As an Apple girl, reviewing an android tablet was going to be interesting. There is obviously a huge difference in cost and so I felt it was important to review the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 […]

Aug, 05 · in Reviews,Working Parent

Holidaying with a toddler – Part Two

A year ago I wrote about ‘Holidaying with a toddler’ and the extreme irony that we still call it a ‘holiday’. A year later, and I ventured again to Spain with the little man in […]

Shopping with a toddler

Let’s face it, shopping is precious time. I’m not talking about the weekly food shop in Sainsburys, that’s necessary and often an ‘outing’ for the toddler. I’m talking ‘you’ shopping. The rare outing to treat […]

Jun, 05

Nonna Love

My mother, Barney’s Nonna, is an integral part of Barney’s life. We are lucky enough that she lives close by and see’s him regularly. Not only does this give us the luxury of having help […]

May, 11

Plastic Crap

The amount of plastic we have in our house just seems to keep growing. The toy box eventually spills over onto a bookshelf or two. The corner of the room that you allocated as the […]

May, 07

Time to be you

I know that I don’t speak on behalf of all parents but I am confident that I speak on behalf on many, when I say that time to yourself, a day to yourself even is […]

Apr, 30

Morning Nutribullet

It’s been four months since I got a NutriBullet. It was a popular Christmas gift for many and for me, one which so far has stood the test of time. Well, four months. I have had […]

Apr, 25
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