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The flies of summer

I love summer but I do not love the over zealous insects that accompany it.


I believe that I speak for most when I say that opening the back door to the garden is not an open invitation for 5,000 flies to head indoors.

Before you know it they are in, flying around aimlessly and causing you to duck around like you are dodging a bullet! As they get more and more frustrated that they can’t find their way out, they get faster. Have you noticed that? They completely lose the plot, flying into everything and anything that gets in their way.

Seriously, my house is tiny, just backtrack, it isn’t rocket science.


They do though bring some entertainment. The Italians and Arabs in my family, namely my mother and grandmother, suddenly whip out the scacciamoschas (a word my family invented pronounced scatha-mos-keys),fly swat to normal folk and can be found hurtling round the house like mad women trying to swat the ‘bastards’. Their words, not mine.

The trauma only continues as it grows dark. It’s too hot to close the windows but too dark to be able to move freely round the house without the lights on. We all know that turning the lights on indoors, when it is dark outdoors, is big no no. But sometimes we take that risk.


This is when moths appear. Moths the size of bats. Heading boldly towards the light, oblivious as to whether they will go head first into a closed window or an open one. Resilient things aren’t they moths. Sometimes the sound of them smashing face first into the window is quite deafening!

Spiders, bee’s, ants, the occasional bird, they all have a bash. It’s like the insect community wait for summer to come so they can make their annual pilgrimage into the house.


Lets talk briefly about them. God, I hate them and what I hate as much as their hairy fast moving selves, are the webs. Overnight, the path to car, garden shed, B’s little tikes play house becomes blocked with a maze of webs. I have count of how may webs I have walked through without realising it. This obviously doesn’t go down well with me!

I have taken to always carrying a rather large bamboo stick with me on the first walks of the day as a way of clearing the path ahead of me. It is a good look. My husband obviously thinks that I am ridiculous. I think that I am a genius.


Insects also bring with them the challenge of not appearing scared in front of the toddler when a lovely large spider is found running round the play room, and the challenge of not swearing, when a fly flies into your face.

Ah summer, I love it really!


  1. Mummy Glitzer
    July 18, 2014

    I swear we have ALL THE FLIES here. They all seem to like to party in our lounge for some unknown reason and despite my husband’s persistent swatting they INSIST on returning. My son has become quite good at catching the odd one in his hand AND THEY STILL COME BACK! RAAAAHHHH!

    • upallhours
      July 19, 2014

      They love the lounge don’t they! I swear it takes a second from me opening the door to one flying in and buzzing round my head! x

  2. Lystra Maisey
    July 18, 2014

    We seem to be housing about 1,000 spiders and all their friends and relatives who have built their webs in our house-it’s like living in a Hallowe’en cave at the moment! xxx

    • upallhours
      July 19, 2014

      Oh god, I hate them! The speed they can knock a web together is frightening! x

  3. messed up mum
    July 19, 2014

    Defo more flies this year than ever, they went into mass reproduction over the winter! I couldn’t finish the post sorry, I can’t read about the last creature mentioned… x

    • upallhours
      July 19, 2014

      Agreed! Hope the post wasn’t boring you which is why you switched off! :) x

  4. Emma T
    July 19, 2014

    Hate the damn things. Flies that is. Being on a farm we get lots in when the animals are nearish. It’s never ending. I’ve reinvested in some fly swatter again – gratifying when I smash them! And even N’s taken to grabbing one and trying to kill them. I’ll train him up.

    Moths do my head in as well. Dozy things.

    We’ve had quite a few butterflies this year too unfortunately. Struggle to pick them up to save them as they just fly off. Don’t they realise I’m trying to help. Silly things can never find the newly open wider window.

    Get lots of spiders too – I’ve only recently noticed the webs on N’s cosy coupe, so suppose I’ll have to wipe those off. urgh. Blooming bugs.

    • upallhours
      July 19, 2014

      One of the few pitfalls of living on a farm i imagine (would love to live on a farm). Love that you are training N up. Good idea! Teach him young. Thank you for taking the time to comment Emma x

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