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Go with your gut

I hear this a lot. In fact, I find myself saying it a lot to other people and often, to myself. When it comes to making a decision, go with your gut. Your gut is always right…..right?

How do you actually know what your gut is telling you? In this day and age we use our heads, we over think everything (well, I do!) and soon, our gut instinct is over ruled. It’s just not as easy as going with ‘that feeling’ in your stomach. There are consequences and practicalities that need to be taken into consideration, therefore as romantic as it sounds, going with your gut isn’t really an option. Is it?!

Hell, I’m even over analysing that sentence! I wrote this following two meetings I attended this week and I have to make a decision about something (work related) and I am unsure. I am searching for answers and not even my gut is offering a solution. Well, certainly not a clear ‘right’ one.

So I’m now analysing if that is because I’m quashing my gut or because my gut has actually stopped bothering to get involved!


Your gut is your instinct, your first reaction. In most cases your true reaction maybe, the one that pops up just before the analysing and overthinking begins. I believe we use our instinct every day, multiple times. We’d be pretty screwed without it but the sad realisation is that we also question our instinct, regularly. I wonder what sort of world we would be living in if everyone based their actions and decisions on their gut instinct. Maybe a happier place? More truthful, albeit a bit less organised.

I am a firm believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ so here’s hoping that even if I make the wrong decision (which wouldn’t be the first time!) it will all be part of the plan!

How’s that for some food for thought.

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