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Nonna Love

My mother, Barney’s Nonna, is an integral part of Barney’s life. We are lucky enough that she lives close by and see’s him regularly.

Not only does this give us the luxury of having help with the nursery pick ups but we have an always ready babysitter on hand and most importantly, another influence in our little man’s live.

My family live all over the place including Spain, and my frankly amazing Grandmother, Barney’s Bis-Nonna, has lived there for the last 15 years. Due to the loss of her husband 3 years ago we all spend a lot more time there. It’s a hard life! 😉

My Mum, aka Nonna, recently returned from a month in Spain. Barney was beside with excitement about welcoming her home. Telling me that I should go to work so he could have a sleep over at her house. That was on the way to the airport!!! (I’m pretty sure that he prefers her to me!)

I wanted to share the following snaps from the airport reunion. Check out the Nonna Love!

To me they really captured the love between a Grandmother and a Grandchild. It’s an unreal bond and one that as a Mother, I hope I get to experience myself one day.

It’s true that no one can prepare you for the love you feel when you become Mother. I guess the same applies to when you become a Grandparent.





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  1. Donna
    June 17, 2015

    Great tips! Thank you! I’m not a mom but a sister.

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