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Preparing for a child free holiday (Yes, you read that right!)

Time away from your children, or child in my case, is a double-edged sword. Sometimes you crave it, reminisce about what you did in life before children: the travelling, the nights out, the freedom. Then when the opportunity for it arises, you dread it. You will miss them terribly. Suddenly those early mornings don’t seem so bad. You don’t want time to yourself anymore, and who wants a hangover anyway?

Since becoming a parent, I have battled constantly with the desire I have to travel and the need I have to work, to be myself and keep hold of some of that time to be the person I want to be, that I had so much of, before I had Baby B.

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves looking after his son as much as he can, allowing me to work. We are even more blessed to have my wonderful Mother on hand to allow us both to work, and on rare occasions, travel.

One of those rare occasions is coming up. This is the most rarest of all rare occasions. We are going on holiday. Me, my husband and an amazing group of friends are off skiing for one whole glorious week. Without Baby B.

There are some parents that will judge us for doing so. Some will be envious. Some won’t understand it. Some would never consider such a thing. Whatever way you view it, it’s fine.

Believe me when I say that I approach the week away with very mixed feelings. There is an overwhelming excitement about a week of relaxing in amazing surroundings, uninterrupted adult conversation, quality time with my husband, whole nights sleep and, of course, the late mornings, but all the time, my baby boy is in my mind. And for the whole week, I will be looking forward to going home to see him.

That is the beauty of children. Even when they aren’t with you, they still dominate your thoughts and your feelings. As parents, I don’t think that you ever really get time away again. I know that I will never be the person I was before Baby B. It is impossible for me to be, because now I live for him.

So, as the countdown begins for our week away, I will cry, then get excited, then cry again, then feel guilty, then tell myself not to feel guilty and so on and so forth. You know, a normal day as a parent. All this will continue until I am sitting at the airport with a glass of something in my hand :)

There is a group of us going, with a combined total of about 15+ children between us, so we are all in the same boat – just a lovely group of adults allowing ourselves some quality adult time. I believe that if you are lucky enough to be in a position to do such a thing, you have to take it. I must just add that packing is a joy without having to cater for a toddler. Not a tub of Sudocrem in sight!

One thing I know for sure is, B doesn’t mind! He gets a week being spoilt rotten by his Nonna, and most likely won’t want to come home with us on our return.






  1. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves
    January 22, 2014

    I’m sit on two fences, I’m envious as I would welcome a break, I’m also one of the mums that doesn’t understand either. Given the choice I believe I would go, embrace the time, after all they do say you have to continue with your life too! That’s what they say anyway.

    Have a fabulous time and I truly believe that beautiful Baby B will have a lovely time with Nonna

    KA x

    • upallhours
      January 22, 2014

      Thanks KA. It is a really difficult one, and one which is very rare. I have left B for a week for work before, but when it is a break, it feels different. The honest truth is that as he gets older and can hit the snow himself, he will probably come with us. Therefore, I think that we can treat ourselves to a break whilst we can. Will have a lie in for you 😉 xx

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