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Sri Lanka – A holiday to remember

I wanted to report on our amazing holiday in Sri Lanka, but I am conscious that regular readers are probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about our holiday, so I will keep it short and sharp, told mainly through photos.

It is worth mentioning that traveling with a Toddler inevitably keeps you on your toes. They never seem to do what you expect. When we finally made it to the villa in Sri Lanka, Baby B placed one pasty white bare foot on the amazing sandy beach, to swiftly grimace and report, “I don’t like the beach’.


Great, so we traveled for about 11hrs to amazing beach villa and you don’t like the sand. This continued with ‘I don’t want it to touch me’ towards the sea and ‘I don’t like splashing’ once in the swimming pool.

That’s my boy!

Thankfully, with a bit of gentle of persuasion, he slowly overcame his dislike of all things sun holiday related. Hell, by the end of the holiday he was jumping into the swimming pool and we had cut the number of floatation devices down from 10, to just one pair of armbands. Dare I say it, he even embraced the sand to build a sandcastle with his Dad.



In addition, there were lots of encounters with amazing animals….





We drank from coconuts…..


Chilled out in hammocks and on the beach……



And we embraced our frizzy hair….


All in all in it was a wonderful two week break in an amazing country with wonderful friends. It doesn’t get much better then that!

Over and out (on the holiday talk!)


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