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Plastic Crap

The amount of plastic we have in our house just seems to keep growing. The toy box eventually spills over onto a bookshelf or two. The corner of the room that you allocated as the […]

May, 07

Being up in the night with a toddler

No longer are you awake because you have a hungry, grizzly, teething baby at your side. No you are up because your 3.5 year wants to talk about potholes. Whilst the sleep dramatically improves as […]

Feb, 23

The Terrible Twos or the Testing Twos?

We’ve nearly gotten through the ‘terrible two’s’!¬†As my little man’s 3rd birthday is on the horizon, I have found myself reflecting on the 2nd year of his wonderful little life. I have to be honest […]

Apr, 24

One constant cold; how do you unblock their nose?

This is a rhetorical question of sorts, as I think that I have heard it all and none of it works! I have come to the conclusion that our little man must have enlarged adenoids, […]

Mar, 24

Can the toddler see ghosts?

I’ve got a bit of a spooky one for you here! From my mothers house, the drive to B’s old nursery takes you past a very large cemetery called Brookwood. In fact, Brookwood Cemetery is […]

Mar, 17

Sri Lanka – A holiday to remember

I wanted to report on our amazing holiday in Sri Lanka, but I am conscious that regular readers are probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about our holiday, so I will keep it […]

Mar, 07

Surviving a long haul flight with a toddler

Well we did it! The post about how amazing Sri Lanka was is to follow, with a number of nauseating photos of gorgeous beaches and stunning surroundings. Firstly though, I must report on the flights; […]

Mar, 03


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