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A birthday deception!

This is a confessional post of sorts. I guess what I am hoping is that I will be inundated with comments saying ‘it’s ok’, ‘he won’t know’ and  ‘don’t be silly, you aren’t awful parents’.

You see, the little man, Toddler B, is to turn 3 tomorrow (if you are reading this on Friday, it is today). The problem however is that it is a

busy time for us at the moment. My husband has just had his tonsils removed and although not bed ridden isn’t in great shape. I have meetings all day on Friday, oh and am speaking on a little old radio show a few of you may have heard of, called Women’s Hour (argghhh, I know! That’s another post altogether!)! My mother, B’s beloved Nonna is currently abroad with her mother and well, his little friends aren’t invited to his birthday because honestly, we haven’t planned anything.

How is that for some pretty shoddy parenting right there? It really hit home when B returned home from nursery on Monday with an invitation to a class mates party at the end of July! Nearly 6 weeks away. That is impressive stuff. Especially when I think back to rather frantically sending out our email wedding invitations, 3 weeks before the big day.


His 2nd Birthday (on the date itself!)

So, we have decided that the way to deal with our shoddy parenting is to lie to B. Oh yes, it gets better. We are going to tell B that his birthday is actually on the Saturday. It’s genius. Hear me out…

1) I won’t feel bad when I am shepherding him out of the door at 7.40 on Friday morning without so much as a birthday breakfast or chorus of ‘Happy birthday’;

2) He will be none the wiser that it is his big day but will still get to wear the birthday crown at nursery, whilst still being excited that it is his birthday tomorrow;

3) His new birthday falls on a Saturday, which means he will get our undivided attention (granted his father is in agony & high on painkillers but will still be there) and his Aunty can come round to join the fun;

4) He basically gets two birthdays. Winner.

In an effort to suppress the obligatory parental guilt, I have just gone and bought a load of mixed matched party items from the Party store and will spend tomorrow evening turning the house into some sort of balloon filled fun zone.

Oh and I have already started planning his 4th birthday.

NB – In line with this the ‘Happy 3rd birthday’ blog post will go live on Saturday. *wink wink



  1. Kate Hardie
    June 5, 2014

    I am with you on this! The plan is good…B will know no difference :) Enjoy the extended part of the birthday celebrations and hope that the hubby feels better soon. Superwoman. X

  2. Beth Lovell
    June 6, 2014

    Haha I personally think it’s a genius idea!!!! Birthdays are always going to be a tough one mid week and it’s only a 24 hour little bit of deception that he’ll never know about!!!!!

  3. Siobhan Merrifield
    June 6, 2014

    Haha when they are three you can trpick them like that! Happy birthday for Saturday lil B ;0) x

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