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Plastic Crap

The amount of plastic we have in our house just seems to keep growing. The toy box eventually spills over onto a bookshelf or two. The corner of the room that you allocated as the […]

Time to be you

I know that I don’t speak on behalf of all parents but I am confident that I speak on behalf on many, when I say that time to yourself, a day to yourself even is […]

Morning Nutribullet

It’s been four months since I got a NutriBullet. It was a popular Christmas gift for many and for me, one which so far has stood the test of time. Well, four months. I have had […]

Apr, 25

I need you to wipe away my tears

The toddler isn’t a bad sleeper. All in all he averages a good 11hrs a night. Whether those hours are 11hrs ‘straight’ is a different story. He goes through fazes of stupidly early wake ups […]

Apr, 24

How Social is your Toddler?

I have always been honest about my immense dislike for soft play, playgrounds and, well, areas that involve a high volume of children in a condensed space. This hasn’t improved and while I recently ‘took […]

Apr, 05

Can I Wear Tracksuit Bottoms?

 I have never known anyone to dislike jeans as much as my toddler. I place the blame firmly on his Nonna and his Bis-Nonna, as he has been programmed to be this way inclined. I […]

Apr, 03

The Writing Drought

I sat with a friend recently, moaning slightly about my lack of ‘get up and go’ when it came to my blogging. He said that I was over analysing it. He was right. I have […]

Apr, 02
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