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A Wedding in Denmark & A New Dress

We have just returned from a wedding in Denmark. Child free I might add. ‘Again’ I hear you shout! Yes, that’s right. To be honest, even I am starting to feel that we are absent parents! 😉

It’s been a busy year and we are lucky that an amazing family set up allows us this often enviable flexibility. So this last trip took us to Denmark. Not mainland Denmark, oh no no, that would be far too easy. We went to an Island called Ærø.

It really was a case of planes trains and automobiles but so worth it. We attended the wedding of some wonderful friends who I was living with in Dalston, London some 7 years ago when I met my now husband. They were so accommodating to me bringing this random fella to the flat (random to them, not me I should add!). Always there when I needed a good old moan about him over the months that followed and last year, saved my bacon when on the way to our wedding, wrote out 100 place names in the car – on the way to the wedding itself!

About a month ago the Bride and Groom called wanting to speak to my husband. They wanted him involved in the big day! They probably want him to sing, I thought to myself. (He sung his speech at our wedding!) oh, how wrong I was. They asked him to hold the ceremony! What a hoot, and or course, what an honour!

So, one taxi, one plane, two trains, a ferry and a walk later, we arrived at our destination! The rather beautiful Island of Ærø.


The wedding was beautiful, unique and personal. Both the Bride and Groom are very artistic and the wedding certainly reflected their talents (well mainly hers!). My husband smashed his part, ensuring that he injected some humour into the ceremony but also some surprises, including learning how to say the vows in Danish!

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story……..











Rehearsing ahead of the ceremony. The Cardinal outfit was just for fun!

Rehearsing ahead of the ceremony. The Cardinal outfit was just for fun!


Now, I am not usually one to talk about what I wore, but this dress needs special mention as it is gorgeous! My friend Jess who works in fashion PR, brought it with her, styled me and put me in a dress that frankly I would never have picked for myself.

Closet Clothing dress

The dress from Closet Clothing

The dress is from online retailer Closet Clothing. I can’t recommend it enough. The structure is super flattering, pulling you in at the waist but not tight round the stomach area. The capped selves with dart detail nicely cover the top of the arms  and I felt really comfortable. None of that tight nonsense – I even went cycling in it!

Dress on a bike

Dress on a bike

This exact dress can be found here – Closet Heart Jacquard Tie Back Dress

I have never received so many compliments about something I have worn! A bit sad perhaps at 32, but hey, it’s never too late to find your style!

Here’s to a long and happy life Darren and Kristina and to me, finally,  being on trend! 😉

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